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The Ferrini group

The Ferrini Group was founded in Catania in 1974 as a construction company, which has always focused on the design, construction and renovation of one-of-a-kind properties, with a distinctive and refined style. To date, it consists of three interconnected realities that interact with each other to offer tailor-made solutions, aimed at satisfying the different needs related to the real estate sector.

Ferrini Impresa represents the dawn of the project, the fundamental component that supports, inspires and provides ad hoc solutions to the two divisions that make up the group: Ferrini Immobiliare and Ferrini Home. The latter, since 2013, has been offering a unique proposal dedicated to short and medium-term stays, for holidays or for work, making the design and functionality of the rooms its strong point.

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Ferrini Home:
a journey between design and comfort

A rewarding and satisfying experience needs to surround yourself with charm and charm so that it deserves to be lived. This is why the Ferrini Home apartments are characterized by a particular design component, aimed at making stays fascinating and evocative.

The care of the furnishings is entrusted to the expert and skilled hands of craftsmen and interior designers who, thanks to meticulous work, enhance the unique characteristics of the Ferrini Impresa projects. Each location is designed and built to be tailored to the traveler, in order to guarantee him the functionality, comfort and beauty he needs.

Appartamento con terrazza etnea collection Ferrini Home

Service and privacy

Apartments different from each other, located in the center of Catania, which offer the same advantages as those of a hotel and the same peace as home. Ferrini Home is an organized and structured reality that guarantees an impeccable level of assistance.

The locations are equipped with professional and functional services, essential to make the guests’ experience pleasant and comfortable. All this is enhanced by a great respect for the privacy and autonomy that the modern traveler needs.

Centrality and beauty

The magical and baroque setting of the apartments is represented by the historic center of Catania. With Mount Etna as its wonderful and magnificent background, the city is full of beauty, passion, folklore and fun and is the largest and most important site in eastern Sicily.

Starting from here it is easy to reach and visit the most fascinating places of this enchanting piece of the island: Ragusa and its places of Montalbano, Syracuse and its mythology, Taormina and its history, not to mention the coasts and beaches, among the most coveted by tourists from all over the world. We at Ferrini Home provide the knowledge of this splendid territory and are ready to tell of its characteristics and secrets, offering our apartments as the ideal starting point for our guests’ itineraries.


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Ferrini Home apartments and suites are located in the historic center of Catania and are your best choice whether you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday or whether you want to have a comfortable working experience.